In fall of 2009 our firm was contacted by the Hon. Jack Layton who became leader of the official opposition in the Canadian House of Commons in the 2011 federal election. Mr Layton died after a valiant fight with cancer August 22, 2011 The Layton family was involved in the piano and organ business in distribution, manufacturer of pianos and pump or reed organs in the 1800’s in Montreal Quebec.

The Layton family organ was manufactured by the Thomas Organ Company in Woodstock Ontario and sold by the Layton Brothers Piano and Organ Showrooms in Montreal. The Layton family organ was called “The Symphony”. This model was a large single manual reed organ with large suction bellows, 412 reeds, qualifying tubes or pipes to produce 19 stops.

The organ featured in addition to pump treadles a side lever for pumping by an assistant. The organ was designed for larger chapel and smaller church settings. The organ with the pipe top weighs over 600 Ibs. The organ is similar in construction to its bigger brother the tracker action pipe organ.

Professional Restorations Are Worth It

  • Quality piano tuning, rebuilding, regulation, reconditioning and repairs
  • Viscount Church Organs Distributor
  • Wicks Pipe Organ Sales
  • Piano and organ sales & consultation
  • Custom piano and organ finishing
  • Piano and organ key recovering and repair shop
  • Pipe, reed and electronic organ tuning and repair
  • Pump organ restoration and repair
  • Piano humidity controls
  • Sound systems specializing in church installations featuring Allen Audio Products
  • Hallman and older church organs updated
  • Specializing in sales of reconditioned high quality church organs
  • Schmidt Classique Organ sound systems

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Pump & Reed Organs

Schmidt Piano and Organ Service specialize in complete restorations, refinishing and rebuilding of antique pump organs, reed organs, melodeons, harmoniums, and American organs. We have restored hundreds of these heirloom and historic instruments. We have restored both pressure and suction organs in parlour, chapel or larger church organ styles. Our pump organ restoration customers come from all over Canada and North America. We are a complete in house restoration facility. We offer complete action rebuilding, re-leathering, re-felting, bellows rebuilding and recovering using the finest imported leathers, felts and woven felts. We have our own in house organ keyboard recovering and rebuilding shop. We specialize in tuning pump organ reeds whether standard or Philharmonic styles with precision craftsmanship and years of experience. Careful passionate detail is given to each instrument as if it were our very own!

Schmidt Piano and Organ Service offer a complete custom refinishing and woodworking facilities. We can remanufacture a variety of furniture components and organ parts. Clients consult directly with our associate finisher to select a fine environmentally friendly finish for their heirloom antique pump organ.

Schmidt Piano and Organ Service have a complete in house parts department for servicing and rebuilding pump organs. Replica stools and organ benches can be provided as well as custom manufactured. We can also install custom blower installations for larger organs and church organ installations especially for remote churches. We maintain a service program for routine maintenance and offer complete repairs to reed organs, pump organs, melodeons and harmoniums.

Products We Service

  • Berlin Organs
  • Dominion Organs
  • Doherty Organs
  • Sherlock-Manning Organs
  • Goderich Organs
  • Bell Organs
  • William Bell Organs
  • Bell Piano and Organ Company
  • Bell Organ and Piano Company
  • Kilgor Organs
  • Daniel Bell Organ Company
  • Compensating Pipe Organ Company
  • Mason & Risch Organs
  • Vocalian Organs
  • R.S. Williams Organs
  • Thomas Piano and Organ Company
  • D.W. Karn Organs
  • S.R. Warren Organs
  • Woodstock Organs
  • Hallman Organs
  • Oshawa Melodeons
  • Clinton Organs
  • Estey Organs
  • Packard Organs
  • Clough & Warren Organs
  • Daniel F Beatty Organs
  • Beatty Organs
  • Beethoven Organs
  • Hamilton Organs
  • Mason & Hamlin Organs
  • Kimball Organs
  • Yamaha Organs
  • Lyon & Healey Organs
  • Story & Clark Organs
  • White Organs
  • Carpenter Organs
  • Fort Wayne Organs
  • Ketterman Organs
  • August Forester Organs
  • Mustel Harmoniums
  • Debain Harmoniums
  • Scheidmeyer Organs
  • Lindholm Harmoniums
  • Prince Melodeons